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Now Might Be The Time To Invest In Real Estate—If You’re A Cash Buyer

The midst of a pandemic might not seem like the best time to invest in anything. In fact, for many, this is a time to take whatever money they can find and to stuff it under the mattress.

Some specialists, however, see opportunity were others see threat. One of those is Clint Coons, a founding partner of Anderson Law Group, an arm of Anderson Legal, Business & Tax Advisors. The company has offices in Washington, Nevada, Wyoming and Utah; Coons is currently the manager of Anderson’s office in Tacoma, Washington.


“Right now, from an investment standpoint, there are lots of deals to be had,” he says. “Especially if you are a cash buyer.”

Although the stock market has performed well in recent years, it is volatile and unpredictable, Coons says.

“There have been huge swings, which means that, one day you have lots of money and the next day, you have none. But while the value of real estate assets will also recede, there are many more factors in play. When property markets lessen, there are more renters, for example,” he adds.

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