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RPI's SFH -- A Promising Cashflow!

An improved single-family house that is ideal for small to a mid-size family, having a 4 bedroom and 1.5 baths. The property also has a garage and a basement. It is a newly renovated property that comes with new appliances such as a stove and a fridge. The 1440 square feet property is currently leased to a Section8 tenant with a market rent of $910.

The house is perfectly situated near hospitals, the closes is the Cleveland Clinic Children's - Rehabilitation Center (a 6-9 Minutes’ Drive), grocery stores such as ALDI which is conveniently 4 minutes’ away. The closest daycare is the Minnie Wulu Day Care just a 4-7 minutes’ drive. And it offers a great job opportunity even in just within its 5 miles’ radius.

A smart investment as the estimated value for this property is at $83,000. With its current monthly rent of $910 and less taxes, insurance, and the Property Management Fee of 10%, the estimated monthly cashflow is at $652, a valuable safe, and secure investment.

With a dedicated team, that works hard to provide and deliver our motto - "Creating peace of mind, one investor at a time".

Let’s schedule a call to discuss more the deals and processes we offer. We are more than delighted to assist you!

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