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Real Estate Notes

Be the bank! We do all the work and you collect monthly interest payments. We pay our private lenders 10% (per annum) and all of our notes are 1st position, 12 months long, and secured with a note, mortgage, and insurance.

How it works?

Choose the investment

Choose your investment type and select the asset of your choice.

Review the paperwork

Read and sign paperwork

Wire the funds

Receive the wire instructions and contact the bank to schedule wire transfer

Close the property

Title company will close Escrow, transfer title, and record the mortgage document.

Receive monthly CASHFLOW!

Start receiving monthly payment via ACH!

Pick your deal

Click each picture to see more details. Click the link below inside the description of the property you are interested in and our team will reach out to you to schedule an INVESTMENT STRATEGY CALL.

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