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About Us

From flipping houses to building wealth.

Welcome to Recession-Proof Investments!

Founders BP and Kris built Recession Proof Invesments LLC out of the whole mantra of "Flip for cash, and hold for wealth".


They initially started flipping houses and a few wholesale deals in Phoenix, and then eventually moved into the rental scene to maintain a more sustainable cash flow.

Currently, we have over a hundred rental units in Arizona, Arkansas, and Ohio. We have everything from Single Family rentals to Duplex, Triplex, and multifamily apartment complexes. The goal is to hit 500 units in the next 5 years through our proven system and help from our wide network of partners and investors.

Recession Proof Investments offers different forms of real estate investment strategies and property management services. We take care of all your real estate needs from finding a deal, doing due diligence, rehab, marketing, tenant relations, and everything a landlord has to do to maintain a cashflowing rental.

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